Chicken Chatter - Welcome to the Cosmic Chicken Blogosphere :)

Posted by Shelagh Maloney on

"I guess it comes down a simple choice: Get busy living, or get busy dying."

- Stephen King

It's officially Autumn here in eastern Pennsylvania, although you'd never know it by the unseasonably warm weather we've been enjoying (this gal especially). As a season of change, autumn feels like the right time to start the online cosmic chicken conversation. Jokes about talking turkey aside, I promise you (my one reader) that this won't be only about chickens - though poultry keepers the world over will tell you it's entirely possible to go on ad nauseum about our flocks - or at least until your mate looks up and says "are you STILL talking about chickens??"

Let me first clear the deck – it's taken an inordinately long time for me to get here: I wouldn't consider myself the "type" to start sharing lengthier thoughts online, and the idea of a blog specifically always seemed self absorbed and prone to annoying public overshares. I mean, I'm as vain as the next person, but hearing people call themselves "bloggers" was annoying - who even cares what you have to say, damn bloggers! Until one day ... when I found myself reading the typed musings of a local independent coffee shop owner (shout out to Lit Roastery in south Bethlehem, whoo-hoo!), and then having my friend Marcia send me a link to her daughter's blog about being a writer and musician. Yes, these "damn bloggers" were talking about themselves -their personal experiences, thoughts, successes and frustrations, but they were doing it in such a reflective way that it felt less like narcissism and more like a confessional conversation one has with a friend in a letter written home from camp (dating myself here) - sorta like a journal, but more purposeful, with sometimes random subject and chronology changes - not completely rambly, but informal and unconstrained. What it ended up feeling like wasn't conceit, but hope: someone put these words out into the world to be shared, considered or even dismissed, to be commiserated with or perhaps benefitted from - and this reflected both a healthy self regard and a broader concern for the world. So i evolved to feel that these words have value and place - in the "blogosphere," whether just for the writers themselves or for others who might read them. And I'm glad these words changed my mind.

Now, I am sure there are crappy blogs out there, and my aspiration is that mine doesn't become one of them (please no weigh-ins on that in the comment section!), but I'm going to press myself to stop getting mired in analysis paralysis, and to not let my tendency toward the dreadful Overthink stop me from putting some of my thoughts out into the world. "I write to quiet the chatter in my head ," I once read someone offer as a reason she felt compelled to write....and I have a lot of chatter. And so here I am, to talk about the joys and frustrations of business, to talk chickens, and to join this ongoing conversation.

And why chickens, you ask? Because nearly nine years ago, I received a box - in the U.S. mail! - containing newly hatched chicks who would become my flock. My life, and the lives of my family and friends, have never been the same since. Unexpectedly, chickens can be endlessly fascinating, have unique and endearing traits and behaviors, are goofy, and have immeasurably enhanced my existence and awareness. My experiences with them, and with the people who have - with equal and sometimes unequal enthusiasm - shared their presence, have taught me about the simplest pains and joys of this thing called life. That's cosmic!

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