About Us

Cosmic Chickens is a Pennsylvania-based apparel company specializing in American-made poultry tee shirts.  I founded Cosmic Chickens because I love my chickens and I couldn't find a chicken-themed garment that I was willing to sport around town to let other people know and get them talking to me about their own chickens.  

My experience being a backyard flock tender changed my life for the better and broader in unexpected ways - and as my flock dwindled to three beloved hens, this "crazy tee shirt idea" came to me as a way to immortalize them and to help others express their own discovery of Joys of Poultry.  And now I am down to one geriatric "girl" (Brownie) and she dodders about and hasn't laid in egg in over 4 years.  But I assure you that as my daily poultry muse, she supports this tee shirt idea and gives her footprint of approval on all final designs.

My shirts are all exclusively designed by and for Cosmic Chickens and are screen-printed on high quality and organic materials using low-plastisol inks.  I am proud to say that all of our products are manufactured and printed right here in the U.S.A.!  Thank you for supporting Cosmic Chickens and please check out our "Chicken Scratch" blog. Cheers!